GreenGeeks Hosting SSL Certificate:

How to Install Cheap GreenGeeks Hosting SSL Certificate

Installation of cheap GreenGeeks hosting SSL certificate should be one of your requirements if you are setting up your own e-commerce business website. As an online business owner you need to come up with a safe environment for all your transactions. Hence, you need to have a SSL certificate that encrypts all the important information like financial data and personal details. Since this is crucial for your business you need to learn how to install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in GreenGeeks web hosting account.

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The Importance of GoDaddy SSL Certificates

The great thing about purchasing your SSL certificate from GoDaddy is that you get to have a cheaper deal than having to buy from resellers which offer higher prices on SSL certificates. GoDaddy has a very cheap package of $12.99 per year and that is enough to keep you secured for a year.

Essentially, this cheap GreenGeeks hosting SSL certificate works to verify the identity of your client and verifies all the information provided. The SSL certificate serves as a protection from internet frauds and scams. The SSL certificates are available in different levels so you may choose from certificates with encryptions of 40-bit up to 256-bit.

The higher the encryption the better because higher levels let you can get maximum security benefits. Hence, you need to choose the level before you install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in GreenGeeks web hosting account.

Dealing With the Installation Process

Basically, installation of cheap GreenGeeks hosting SSL certificate depends on GreenGeeks web host and the company where you purchase the SSL certificate. With GoDaddy, the process can be very simple as you can also get assistance from Green Geeks. But then it will be more helpful if you know the requirements before you proceed with the installation.

To be able to install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in Green Geeks web hosting account your server should be capable of holding secured connections. This is not a major problem since most servers do so the best thing that you should do is secure is a dedicated IP address if you opt for dedicated SSL certificates.

The thing is you cannot install SSL certificate on shared IP addresses except if you want to avail of shared certificate. With this, you will need to request for dedicated IP address from GreenGeeks which may be free or have a very small charge so that you can proceed with installing cheap GreenGeeks hosting SSL certificate.

Once you have secured all the requirements the next thing that you have to do is to request a CSR or Certificate Signing Request from GreenGeeks. If it is your first time to purchase SSL certificate for your website it will be required to request a key prior to asking for CSR. These elements can be managed from your web host server control panel.

Once you have requested for the key and CSR the next step would be to purchase SSL Certificate from GoDaddy. GoDaddy will ask for the CSR you have requested from GreenGeeks before you proceed. Once finished, you can install cheap Go Daddy SSL certificate in GreenGeeks web hosting.


How to Install Cheap GreenGeeks Hosting SSL Certificate