Cheap HostPapa Hosting SSL Certificate

For a limited time, HostPapa is offering free SSL certificates to their hosting customers.  Learn more here now.  If the free offer has expired, save money by buying a cheap GoDaddy SSL.

An SSL certificate is the #1 way to protect your customers’ personal and transactional data. It shows that you care about their information – whether it be payment data, email addresses and/or passwords.

Successful website owners use SSL certificates because they:

  • Provide 256-bit encryption, allowing for safe processing of online credit card orders
  • Offer a layer of protection when collecting or sharing personal information online (including signup forms, forums, and blogs)
  • Help prevent internet fraud and phishing attacks
  • Visually show your commitment to security with a secure padlock icon and website seal

The Significance of Cheap HostPapa Hosting SSL Certificate to Business Websites

The Internet is truly a powerful tool that helps modern businesses these days but the web is not always a safe place so you need to buy cheap HostPapa hosting SSL certificate from direct providers like GoDaddy instead of purchasing from web host resellers that tend to set a higher price on these certificates. By knowing the importance, where to buy and how to install SSL certificates then you are definitely on the right track.

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Why Purchase SSL Certificates?

It is highly essential to maintain the security of your websites and portals so that hackers and any unauthorized persons will not be able to gain access to the details in an illegal manner. With this, you need to ensure that you have the highest encryption suited to your budget like GoDaddy certificates and install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in HostPapa web hosting account.

Almost all the browsers and servers rely on SSL or Secure Sockets Layer in order to transmit information via encrypted channels online. Encryption is a very popular way to ensure the security of online transactions. Hence, when a consumer encodes information such as name, address and more sensitive information like credit card details to a specific online service then the server receiving the information make use of cheap HostPapa hosting SSL certificate in order to ensure the safety of your data.

Types of SSL Certificates

In actuality, there are numerous kinds of SSL certificates so you have to have a clear idea about each of these before you buy and install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in HostPapa web hosting account. These certificates differ in levels of encryption and types. Here are the most common types of SSL certificates that that you may encounter:

  • Dedicated SSL- This type of SSL certificate can be utilized in a single domain. So, it is exclusively yours and you have total responsibility over it. Since it is your own certificate it can offer you a higher level of encryption as you do not share with other websites. With this, it can be more costly than the other types but still you can save money by purchasing cheap HostPapa hosting SSL certificate from direct providers like GoDaddy.
  • Shared SSL- Shared SSL is the type of certificate that is shared by various online sites. It is cheaper than dedicated SSL but it offers a lower level of protection.
  • Wildcard SSL- This type of SSL is intended for online sites with sub domains. It must be noted that when you install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in HostPapa web hosting account of this nature you can ensure that both domains and sub domains are secured.
  • Free SSL- This type of SSL certificate might be the least expensive option but it does not mean that it is the most recommended. This may include the lowest level of encryption, putting your online business at risk.

Now that you know the importance and various types of SSL certificates you probably have an idea which type to purchase so that you can easily install cheap Go Daddy SSL certificate in Host Papa web hosting account.


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