Cheap Network Solutions Hosting SSL Certificate

Essential Steps in Buying and Installing Cheap Network Solutions Hosting SSL Certificate

The Internet has turned out to be a very powerful tool for everyone from simple individuals to online business owners. In these days, hundreds and thousands of e-commerce sites can be found in the web which just shows how the Internet has been increasingly popular. Since this is the case it is also inevitable that online fraud and identity theft can exist. With this, you need to buy a cheap Network Solutions hosting SSL certificate from providers like GoDaddy to be able to secure all your online business transactions.

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What is SSL Certificate?

SSL actually stands for Secure Sockets Layer which refers to a network protocol that is sustained by famous web browsers. It functions by creating encrypting information that is transmitted between users and your website.

Hence, when a customer enters sensitive data like credit card information this is actually transformed into a kind of language that in undecipherable. With this, it is imperative to install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in Network Solutions web hosting account.

There are actually various types of SSL certificates but you must take advantage of a cheap NetworkSolutions hosting SSL certificate being offered by GoDaddy which is a known domain registrar but is now becoming a big name in web hosting, providing SSL certificates and many more.

Steps in Buying and Installation of SSL Certificate

It is not that hard to learn how to install cheap Go Daddy SSL certificate in Network Solutions web hosting account. As long as you are aware of the requirements and you are familiar with servers then you can definitely proceed with the process with much ease. To be able to purchase and successfully install SSL certificates you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Log on to server – The server that you should use in the process must be able to carry out secure connections. The most popular and widely used are Apache and Microsoft.
  2. Obtain the private key- This is essential if there is no key yet. It may be the case if it is your initial time to install cheap Network Solutions hosting SSL certificate.
  3. Generate the CSR or Certificate Signing Request- Along with the private key, the CST can be obtained from your web host. All you have to do is to supply all the information being required by the server like the city, state and country and you will be provided with the CSR or it can delivered via email. You have to copy the entire CSR including random dashes because you will need it to be able to purchase cheap Network Solutions hosting SSL certificate from GoDaddy.
  4. Configure the CSR- You need to paste the CSR on the space provided in Go Daddy vendor and you must supply information like your contact details. You also need to include your name, address and email. A confirmation email will be sent to you containing the SSL certificate and the CA bundle once your purchase is approved.
  5. Install the Certificate- With the information contained in the email you can request your web host provider to install cheap Go Daddy SSL certificate in Network Solutions web hosting account.


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