HostExcellence hosting SSL certificate

Installing Cheap HostExcellence Hosting SSL Certificate from GoDaddy

As an online merchant you need to have a cheap HostExcellence hosting SSL certificate in order to improve your online business. In these days, clients have become concerned with the security of their transactions online so they always want to make sure that the websites that they are dealing with are safe to deal with. This makes it necessary to install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in HostExcellence web hosting account so that you can make your clients confident about your website.

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Understanding SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates- How It Can Help Your Business?

Basically, SSL certificates protect the flow of data between the browser and the server. With this, you can build your clients’ confidence which lead to increase in revenues. The income that you can generate by having a cheap HostExcellence hosting SSL certificate is more than the amount that you will have to spend on so install SSL certificate now and enhance the credibility of your business.

By having an SSL certificate you can ensure that the exchange of information remains safe and secure. Hence, when clients disclose sensitive information such as bank details, passwords and many more it will be encrypted so that it will remain secured all the time. All of these make it necessary to install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in HostExcellence web hosting account.

The Installation Process

Installing cheap HostExcellence hosting SSL certificate is not burdensome at all. In fact, you can buy affordable SSL certificates from reliable providers like GodDaddy. It is a leading provider of SSL certificates that are cheaper than those being offered by web host resellers out there. Thus, why not invest on a cheaper GoDaddy package than spend more with other providers?

Before you can install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in HostExcellence web hosting account you need to ensure that you have a web server that is capable of securing connections. Basically, servers like Windows, Apache and Linux are recommended but you may choose from a lot of options.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you have a dedicated IP address which can be obtained from HostExcellence or your web host provider. Along with this, you need to secure a private key and CSR that you need to buy the certificate from GoDaddy. In order to purchase the certificate you need to follow the following steps:

1. Log in to GoDaddy.

2. Choose the domain where you wish to install your SSL certificate.

3. Click on “Add Certificate”.

4. Supply the necessary information such as certificate name.

5. Generate your request for certificate which will be presented to CA Certificate Authority.

6. Use the private key and CSR and submit these to obtain CA.

7. Once done you can request to install the SSL certificate to your web host or the domain that you prefer.

By looking at these steps you will realize that buying cheap HostExcellence hosting SSL certificate from GoDaddy and installing them in your web hosting account is not a difficult process at all. With this, you can save a great deal and still get high protection.

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