Installing Cheap Hosting SSL Certificate

Guide in Installing Cheap Hosting SSL Certificate For Your Business Website

It is highly recommended to purchase cheap hosting SSL certificate from Godaddy instead from a web host reseller site if you are starting out on your online business and you want to save a little extra money. SSL certificates are a must if you are into processing sensitive information from your online site like credit card payments and other personal information. SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer which actually encrypts information between consumers’ PC and the server in order to ensure secured online transactions.

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Different Types of SSL Certificates

It is imperative to you have ample knowledge with the different types of SSL certificates before you install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in web hosting account. Essentially, SSL certificate was created by Netscape in order to give security to all your online transactions most especially those that involve sensitive data. There are various types of cheap hosting SSL certificate and each provides varying levels of security and encryption. Here are the most common types:

  • Free SSL- Free SSL certificates may be offered by shared web hosting plans but the level on encryption that it offers may not fully secure your website so as much as possible this should be avoided. In the long run, it may not be worth the savings.
  • Shared SSL- This is possible by sharing SSL across websites. This offers good protection but you cannot have full control over it. The web host company takes responsibility for shared SSL certificates.
  • Dedicated SSL- This may be the most costly of all SSL certificate types but it offers maximum protection and security. With GoDaddy, you can avail of cheap hosting SSL certificate so you can opt for purchasing SSL directly from GoDaddy instead from web hosts or resellers.
  • Wildcard SSL- This type of SSL certificate offers encryption for main URL as well as sub domains.

SSL Certificate Installation Requirements

It is essential to verify that you have all the necessary things before you install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in web hosting account. If you are new to this matter then looking at the requirements below can be of great help.

  • Working server- Essentially a working and fully functional server is needed to be able to install SSL certificates. The server should be compatible with the type of certificate that you wish to install. You may opt for the most popular ones like Apache and Microsoft.
  • Dedicated IP Address- This is needed before you can install your own SSL certificate. Essentially, you will need to request a dedicated IP address from your web host which is in this case  If you are on a shared web hosting plan then you need to shift into dedicated hosting package before you can install cheap hosting SSL certificate.
  • Private Key and CSR- Certificate Signing Request as well as the key must be requested from your web host company. You will need both of these in order to purchase SSL certificates from GoDaddy and proceed with the installation of cheap hosting SSL certificate.


Installing Cheap GoDaddy SSL Certificates for Web Hosting


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