KnownHost Hosting SSL Certificate

How to Get Cheap KnownHost Hosting SSL Certificate

SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer, is a kind of online security tool that provides customers with the proof that the website they are visiting is authentic and free from fraud. With this, it is essential to buy and install cheap KnownHost hosting SSL certificate to ensure that the data that you are transmitting between your clients’ PC and the server cannot be accessed by unauthorized party and individuals through the encryption process. Thus, it will be beneficial to know how to install cheap GoDaddy SSL certificate in KnownHost web hosting account.

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Why Purchase and Install SSL?

There are a lot of reasons why you should ensure SSL certificate for your website most especially if you are into e-commerce. The major reason why you should have cheap KnownHost hosting SSL certificate is to keep confidential information such as names, contact details, addresses, credit card details, SSN and other personal details that can be used for fraud activities and identity theft.

With such purpose you will come to realize that SSL certificates are really important to build your clients’ trust and at the same time increase the credibility of your business. There are a lot of ways to buy and install SSL certificates buy the most recommended way is to buy straight from GoDaddy. It is relatively cheaper to purchase with this provider compared to web host resellers so you must take advantage of cheap KnownHost hosting SSL certificate most especially if you have a limited budget.

Things to Ensure When Buying and Installing SSL Certificates

It is imperative that you prepare all the necessary requirements if you wish to install cheap Go Daddy SSL certificate in KnownHost web hosting account. The requirements are not that difficult to accomplish as you may already have it.

To be able to install SSL certificate you need to have a reliable server that is capable of handling secure connections. In this case you can rely on Apache and Microsoft but there are also other servers that works perfectly and you just have to be familiar with servers and you will never have much problem with this.

Furthermore, you also need to have a dedicated IP address in order to complete the installation of your cheap Known Host hosting SSL certificate. In essence, you will not be able to install SSL certificate into a shared IP address unless you are attempting to install shared SSL which is not a common thing to do.

Another thing that you should secure is the private key which can be obtained from the KnownHost control panel. Along with this, you also need to have a CSR or Certificate Signing Request that can be acquired from the web host server as well. Once you have the key you can generate the CSR which you will present to the SSL provider such as GoDaddy so that you will be issued a CA or Certification Authority along with the cheap KnownHost hosting SSL certificate.

Once you have the SSL and the CA you can create a request on your web host to install cheap Go Daddy SSL certificate in Known Host web hosting account.




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